WWE Raw Preview June 13, 2022

WWE Raw Preview June 13, 2022

WWE Raw Preview June 13, 2022: Tonight on Monday Night RAW we will hear Seth Rollins giving an explanation of his actions, as well as Judgment Day and his new approach, a rematch between Ezekiel vs Kevin Owens and much more, we tell you everything you will see tonight in the red mark .

WWE Raw Preview June 13, 2022

The new Judgment Day will talk about his new goal

Last week on the red brand RAW  we saw Judgment Day presenting a new member to the team, the leader of the mountain of omnipotence Edge very happy for his victory the night before in Hell in a Cell he felt that he was unstoppable, after the intrigue finally revealed that the new member was none other than Finn Balor, one of his recent opponents.

It already seemed like a big surprise to see Finn Balor go over to the dark side, however the most shocking thing was when Damian Priest, Rhea Ripley and Balor rebelled against their leader and treacherously attacked him,  the three ruthlessly destroyed him by getting rid of of him and starting a new era without a leader and tonight on RAW they will talk about what they plan next. 

Seth “Freakin” Rollins explains his actions towards Cody Rhodes

After a brutal fight inside the infernal cell, Cody Rhodes took the definitive victory over Seth Rollins, the next day the American nightmare appeared before the public sore from the injury he had to fight but still looked forward for new goals, however Rollins who arrived to presumably show his respects later attacks him leaving him out of action, tonight he will explain his actions to the world.

Ezekiel has his revenge against Kevin Owens

In the last Hell in a Cell event we saw the fight between Ezekiel vs KO, he wanted to make him admit that he was not Elias’s younger brother but Elias himself and although he did not succeed, he did win a victory over his opponent but the thing would not end There, the next day Ezekiel asked for a rematch and he got it, so tonight at the red mark we will see them again in the ring and we will know if KO gets the truth out of him.

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