Watch Preview WWE Raw June 6, 2022

We start the week with one of the company’s main shows such as  the WWE RAW red mark , and on Watch Wrestling, your WWE website , we leave you the preview of the program with all the information on what they will offer tonight. 

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The road to Money in the Bank begins

After finishing the last PPV of the company this past Sunday, the path of the stars begins where there will be six or seven fighters who have the opportunity to fight to be champions in the future and be able to exchange it against the only champion Roman Reigns. Thus the longest rivalries of recent months end and the summer season begins.

The women’s division season may feature the tag team championship tournament which is vacant after Sasha and Naomi’s departure. There are few active fighters who have the credibility to win that briefcase. As always names sound but we will have to wait to meet the participants who earn a place in the next PPV.

Champion’s reaction

Bianca unexpectedly took a championship by stealing the opportunity from Becky Lynch. A fact that she has not sat well with the former champion and she may remind her of it this week. Since she was the one who applied her finisher to Asuka, providing a great victory that ensures her reign for another week.

Theory’s next opponent

His last opponent has been easily defeated in his hometown. Now the only thing to think about is the next thing for the champion who managed to get that championship into the event.

Next for Cody and Rollins

We saw a serious injury to Cody who wanted to compete, which indicates that his recovery can be prolonged due to the tear suffered in the pectoral. As for Rollins, it is unknown to know his new future. There have been three losses to his new nightmare from which he will have to think about whether he has a chance for the briefcase or should take a break.

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