Kairi Sane explains the main reason she left WWE

Kairi Sane comments on the main reason why she left WWE and returned to STARDOM.

Kairi Sane left WWE in 2020 after a big step in NXT, where she was women’s champion, and on the main roster, where she won the women’s tag team title alongside Asuka. Upon her return to Japan, she was an ambassador for the company until the expiration of her contract at the end of last year.

In a recent interview for Entame Next, Kairi Sane explained the biggest reason she left WWE. The Japanese fighter revealed that she promised her deceased best friend that she would be at WrestleMania, and, once the promise was fulfilled as well as other achievements, she spoke with the company to communicate her decision to leave her.

When I left Japan in 2017, I promised my fans that I would take a long trip, but I would come back. I told president Rossy Ogawa (now executive producer) so. My goal was to learn top-notch pro wrestling in the first place, and I really had no intention of living permanently in the U.S.

I thought about retiring from wrestling. This is a personal story: I lost my best friend to illness. I made a vow at his graveside and promised to make it happen: he was going to participate in WrestleMania. I wanted to make it happen. Thanks to that, I was able to compete in three WrestleManias, a title match with Asuka as the Kabuki Warriors, became a champion in both NXT and WWE, and even received an NXT Overall Competitor of the Year award.

After I moved to the States, my personal life was secondary to my professional life, and I was competing four times a week without a break, but then the pandemic hit, and suddenly I had time for myself. Then, I took the time to do a little introspection. I thought, “Where am I going to go from here?” I had the feeling that I had kept my promise to my best friend and that I had done everything I could in my three years with WWE, and after several consultations, I decided to leave.

In the same interview, Kairi Sane also stated that last year’s Stardom’s Budokan motivated her to fight again and mainly to STARDOM since she returned to Japan without much encouragement to see wrestling. There is no doubt that The Pirate Princess‘s career in WWE was more than outstanding despite some injuries she suffered during her period in the McMahon company, and right now, it is unlikely to see her back in the future. It could happen.

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