Alexa Bliss reveals her Favorite WWE memory

The Triple Crown Champion, Alexa Bliss, recalled the most special moment of her entire career within the Vince McMahon Company, WWE.

‘Alexa’ recalled his first starting victory.

The career of a fighter or fighter has many moments that are marked in the memory of them and their fans. Being one of the female stars with the most titles in her history and nothing of being a Grand Slam Champion, it is interesting to know the most special moment for Alexa Bliss, the same as she revealed in the most recent edition of WWE’s The Bump:

«I would say that nothing replaces your first Championship victory. I won at TLC against Becky Lynch in a tables match, and I think it was in Dallas, Texas. I think it’s my favorite memory because my parents were there. It was my first title win, and never in a million years would I have imagined that I would be in a Championship match early in my career, let alone win it. So it was very special.”

Alexa Bliss wants to be WWE Champion again.

Indeed, in the 2016 Pay Per View TLC edition, ‘Little Miss Bliss’ beat ‘The Irish Lass Kicker’ in fifteen minutes and ten seconds to become the SmackDown Women’s Champion after applying a prodigious powerbomb on a table to end the fight and the reign of Becky Lynch.

Alexa, who returned to action just over a month ago, has racked up four straight wins over Sonya Deville, Nikki ASH, and Dewdrop. In this same interview, the athlete stated that she feels confident after achieving this series of victories and remaining undefeated. Hence, she hopes to become a challenger for the Gold of the women’s division thanks to her recent success with De Ella.

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